Our Practice

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Our firm was established in Ballarat by Peter Haans. Peter brings a unique set of skills with him when he meets with clients. Being a fully qualified accountant and a qualified financial planner with over 40 years of experience, Peter is able to give quality, exact advice to clients that clearly considers all the implications of financial planning, investing, insurance and wealth accumulation.

Since its inception our firm has always been committed to offering top-quality personal and professional advice. Our mission is to provide exceptional clients with exceptional service.

More recently, we've found that many of our clients appreciate the opportunities and ideas we can deliver through a more proactive approach - so we make a point of getting in touch when we have new information that can give you an edge.

As CPA's, we're equally insistent on real-world experience and constantly developing our business knowledge, because growing your finances and operations requires a broad and enquiring perspective.

We want to support you in meeting your needs and most importantly achieving your goals. We desire to contribute to the long term success of our clients which forms a mutually beneficial win-win relationship.

Our website contains a selection of ever-changing business growth ideas, suggestions, articles and newsletters that we encourage you to download and benefit from right away.